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Have you had a life change and would like to reevaluate your investments, finances and estate plan?

Common Questions

Change in marital status

  • If I marry, should I combine or keep my finances separate from my spouse?
  • What do I do with the QDRO that was awarded to me from my recent divorce?
  • How do I change my beneficiary now that I am widowed/divorced/remarried?

Change in family dynamic

  • Can I be a stay at home parent without impacting my financial future?
  • How can I care for my elderly parents without risking my financial success?
  • How can I save for my childrens' college while contributing to my retirement?
  • What are the options for college savings programs

New to workforce 

Estate Planning

Mapping your estate can be overwhelming - we can help facilitate the process with an estate attorney.

Let's map your financial future together.